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4th of july 2024 whose day

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4th of july 2024 whose day

Our Hearts Are Filled With Pride Our flag is painted in the proud colors of white, red and blue, Our hearts are filled with a sense of deep pride and solitude. We salute all our brave heroes who fought for our country, They built a new world for us with fairer boundaries. Have a great forth of July.

It Is A Special Day

Our hearts are moved with emotion on this special day, The courageous stories throw light for us on our way. May this 4th of July be not just another day for us, May it be a day that we remember all year round.

To Uncle Sam Our flag the red, white and blue, Defends us for all that we do. America , the land for the people, Places its countrymen right on top of a steeple. May God keep you safe every time, So that you and I are always fine.

Poems For 4th Of July

Fourth of July I see the ocean and the sky, Today on the glorious fourth of July. Stripes of red and white, Stand regal on stars very bright. I honor survivors on what they have done, Today, the reason we all have fun.

I am an American When I say I am an American, Several emotions sweep through me. American is my way of life, And fourth of July reminds me of strife. For a free nation and free speech, My country, for you I will never breach.

Happy Fourth of July I am proud to be a part of the greatest republic, And I take an oath in public. The word to stay loyal and committed, To my nation and its protectors I feel submitted. One nation for all, Unbiased and liberty beyond all.

Remember the day Let us remember the day of choice, The pride that gave us all, Give a salute to those, Because of whom we stand tall, A day full of love and peace, Make the most of it today, As it’s the Independence Day! Happy 4th of July!

The colors all The colors blue, white and red, On the flag gives us the message of love, As there is a deep solitude today, It is the Independence day, So, here is our salute to the country so great, May there be Peace and harmony to every state! Happy 4th of July!

The day of celebration The day of celebration, The day to cheer, For our country so special and dear, It’s the day to salute the spirit, A day to pray, May this pride remain forever, May this glory stay! Happy Independence Day, Happy 4th of July!

4th Of July Messages

There is a feeling of pride There is a feeling of pride in celebration There is a sense of freedom to being There is a way to see things A nation full of sacrifice If you value your culture a lot Then do give in to the thoughts Of all the sacrifices made by heroes Of all the ways that changed it through Today let us salute all those Who made us free and gave us through Happiness to feel so free in life Let us remember those brave souls Who played such important role Because of them we are celebrating The 4th of July today!

The red and the white colors The red and white stripes on the flag Gives a sense of joy and freedom White is for hope of good times to come 1776 was a day when we got free So this 4th of July salute to All the men and women who gave their Lives so that we could experience the real freedom The real sense of joy in the heart Feel special, as you are also a part Of pride of the great nation, behold Where there are many stories untold You are free because of this day Happy 4th of July!

Look up high in the sky Look up high to the colors so bright The colors of radiance and the pride Take a bow to all those who have Sacrificed so that you could smile Look up high and feel so good Look up high and feel the freedom You are what your nation gave you So on this Independence Day, It’s your turn to say thanks To all those who gave you the Real meaning of feeling so free Thanks to those wonderful men and women Who gave their all for nation Happy 4th of July!

Today as you close your eyes Today close your eyes and take a Moment to celebrate this day with pride Close your eyes and remember all The heroes who gave their lives Say thanks to all those who matter If you are free then you feel the independence If you are free, then feel that vibe Take a moment to thank everyone Who gave you this sense in out 4th of July is special and you will know All the proud moments to show Happy independence to you Feel free this 4th of July As you celebrate with family and friends!

Every wind of freedom Every wind of freedom and change Starts with the sacrifices made The people who gave their all The people who gave their lives In the ode to celebrate the freedom Let us all take a moment and Thank them all for giving a life This will change the way to be Freedom in sense comes from pride If you feel proud, then celebrate this time Celebrate the proud day of 4th of July Happy independence day to you!

4th of july 2024 whose day
4th of july 2024 whose day

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4th Of July Wishes

Our flag color is awesome Our flag color is white and it is blue The sense of pride in the heart is true So true as we bow in front of the nation So true as we celebrate this freedom The freedom lies in the peace Freedom lies in the way we approach things Let us take an oath today That we will not misuse our freedom all the way Feel free as the country in being Feel free on this date so good May peace remain all over To that a touch-wood Happy 4th of July Happy Independence Day!

Let us all celebrate the freedom Let us all celebrate the spirit of freedom Let is celebrate the oneness on this day Let us celebrate the pride that we take Let us all celebrate the Independence Day A day when we salute to those Who gave their live for the pride of nation Let us take a moment to Thank them for everything with a prayer This day is to cheer around This day is all about being proud So celebrate this lovely day 4th of July it is Our Independence Day!

It’s the day of freedom today Today is Independence Day So take a moment to celebrate The pride of your country Take a moment bow in front of The flag that flies so high Take a moment to remember those Who gave their lives A moment to celebrate with fire works A moment to feel proud Of the freedom that made you wise Today on this day, let us salute To the nation so great Let us salute to the freedom, Happy 4th of July to you!

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