5 Cheapest Universities in Canada

5 Cheapest Universities in Canada as for the program you go for instance for the MBA whatever. I’m citing over here because will be double but for you know guys like engineering economics Finance because we’ll be very very similar to what I’m citing over here. So keep that in mind so let’s actually go ahead and sort by country all right was it top universities by country? By the way, we’re on Weingart com. And you can go on to Canada over here And now we just added this option below fifteen thousand.

If you actually go ahead you can convert these fifteen thousand dollars. These are Canadian dollars. By the way, you can convert them into your currency. If you want for instance if you want to convert 15,000 Canadian dollars I don’t know. You can convert it to your currency.

I’ll convert it in mind. For now, it’s in Indian rupees that’s around 864,000 in your degrees. So it’s definitely less than you know you can say 1 million in trees are 10 lakhs and you’ll definitely see a return over Here in these universities. In fact, you can go even lower first. Let’s start with the lowest among those below 10,000 dollars also okay?

University of British Columbia

Columbia So the number one University that I recommend and is one of the best universities in the world guys because of its reputation because of you know the location is also pretty good. At the same time, there are plenty of opportunities in Tech and business.

So I believe that you know the best university in this list that you’re going to find is definitely the

University of British Columbia and the tuition fee ranges somewhere around. Nine thousand dollars. You can check your chances over here. You can check you know basically all the things about the university you can see which schools they have which campuses they have what kind of programs they offer you know the tuition fee for each of these programs.

This is the annual tuition fee again. So you can check all the bad guys, for now, I’m just going to stick to the general ones all right and you know let’s just go back to the below ten thousand dollar mark That’s the UBC for you. That’s number one.

You know is the next one that I’ll tell you about and This you know it’s not a dog not University worldwide but it’s one of these universities which you know you can go to.

If you have a very tight budget at the same time you do not have excellent academic credentials for instance people who have x + 4 inches or you know they’re going for a master’s. They can get a Ph.D. at this post-funded Ph.D.

University of Lethbridge

So you know what we do a Shenfield over here is around five thousand dollars. I’ve seen some programs that they offered for less than five thousand dollars as well. University of Lethbridge I think that it’s definitely a steal and by the way guys I am not giving you any Universities which are not going to be offering VP.

G WP for instance even if you take a look at you to know the universities that I’m telling you over here you know let’s say that you’re in Alberta and we just saw the University of Lethbridge  I think I could smell it. Let’s a bridge and over here you can see the University of Lethbridge does have a DLI number and it does offer the post. Graduate work permit so you know you’re safe you’re good to go. I’m offering the University only over here.

University of British Columbia

I’m telling you about which can offer you a good return on your investment. That’s the one thing that I’ve kept in mind. All right so let’s take a look at some other ones as well. Let’s say that we’re increasing the range by a little bit. University of British Columbia Alright, we’re saying okay fifteen thousand dollars Canadian dollars.

And you know the next thing you’ll see is again one of the top universities worldwide McMaster University. Now it’s still nowhere close to the University of British Columbia. But at the same time notice that it is in Ontario which means that it’s in an excellent location.

So you will always have plenty of opportunities guys you always have plenty of opportunities. So you know this is one thing that I wanted to bring out to you. Again McMaster also needs a higher GPA it’s around three points six out of four but at the same time you know it’s generally you know more lenient than you know the University of British Columbia.

5 Cheapest Universities in Canada
5 Cheapest Universities in Canada

University of Calgary

All right So that story was It’s for you. Then you have the most you’ve won today. But I will not recommend this one over here guys and I’ll tell you why I’ll tell you why? If you’re not someone who can speak French very well then you know I do not recommend going to cubic personally okay?

We do give this University a couple of times you know in exceptional cases to some clients you know when you go for the profile evaluation University short distance service where we take a look at your profile and give you the universities that are optimal for you. But at the same time, this is only for exceptional cases in general.

I do not recommend it. Okay. So don’t Look I can as he’s in cubic in general. Okay so let’s skip that one will actually go on to the University of Calgary. All right. Again this is in a good location it’s in Alberta. And the tuition fee is also pretty much nominal. It’s not you know fifteen thousand dollars itself.

It’s still definitely lower and you can see that you know the acceptance rate and the average GPA all these are things that you know you can they’re generally lower and they will accept students even with you know a little bit less than top-notch profiles and I think that this is still a sea the area the University’s reputation and the apartment that they were committed everything that they’re giving you For less than fifteen thousand dollars per annum intuition it’s still a steal. So this is going to be the fourth.

He was t on my list guys. I’ve already told you about the British Columbia McMaster Lethbridge by the way and the University of Calgary. Alright, so we’ve already covered for over here. Now just one more to go and you know over here you know you have a lot of option C. I’m not talking about all these options. Definitely, these are great options for every single one of them.

Also my link….

University of windsor application deadline for winter 2024

Prince edward island university fees

University of Nova

Which are in cubic in particular and apart from that you know even if the universe is seen Concordia has an excellent prank but I will still stay away from cubic because you know the job prospects over there.

I would at least need to learn a little bit of French and you know button by the education. Also does come in the middle a little bit. So you know stay away from the ones that are in cubic. But apart from that you know the one University that I want to put special focus on is you know York University.

I know it’s a little bit higher there are universities in This list that are offering you know a little bit less. You know let’s say that the house University of Nova Scotia it’s of its offering 14,300.

You know there are fourteen thousand dollars over here there’s a no 13,000 over here. You know some universities are immune even 11,000 over here? But you know given the ranking and the prospects let me actually tell you why. It’s still in Ontario it’s in Toronto.

Turn to comes into the picture of the prospects are going to be top-notch so that’s why the fifth seal was either. I’m going to be mentioning over here is going to be your conversely again. Remember these are not in ranks these are not it’s not in the form of Frank’s that you know that bridge is better than the University’s it’s not the case.

But I believe this bridge is definitely offering an extremely cheap program. And you know what even if you have a couple of backlogs and I’ve had personally a couple of clients who had a couple of bad clocks they still got into it so That’s one thing to consider guys.

But apart from that if you want a decent education you want a decent area. If you want a decent job then you know York University is also one of the best options and I would send this as the fifth University on my list. So these are only five universities that offer the cheapest programs in Canada with a great return on investment.

You will genuinely be happy at the University. I’m telling you the job prospects are great you know you will get a pathway to be our make sure that you know you’re going for every degree that is two years.

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