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Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel Review

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel Review opened in 1888 and it currently has 764 rooms with 12 restaurants. This hotel was created during the creation of the Railway for Canada that connected the East to the west and this served as a place. For many wealthy Travelers on their sort of high-end tour from the East to the west of Canada to stay.

And to sleep this day you can still take the Rocky Mountain air. Which is a train car service that will stop off at many of these different hotels on the west coast of Canada. So this is located in Banff which is one of our national parks have to National Park. It is The first Canadian national park that was federally created and the third National Park in all of the world it is 2500 square miles or 6600 square kilometers of land.

This is a protected Park

That’s dedicated to the preservation of these areas and to And we’re going to go ahead and show you one of the hotels that you can stay at. This is a protected Park. So there you know isn’t necessarily too much new construction going on here. However, this hotel is amazing it is historic and it’s got you know so much kind of going on that. There are so many places to eat.

There are so many kinds of cool areas where you can relax. Even if you’re not staying at this hotel I’d recommend going there. You’re able to visit even if you’re not staying. Go ahead and give you a tour of what a room looks like. This is a standard room it is Fairmont gold floor.

That is just you know it’s up hotel within a hotel they call it. So you got a couple of little extra services like breakfast and so forth and you know they give you ropes and things like that. So there’s an incremental benefit however the rooms themselves are the same.

So the room tour will stand for just about any trip you do here. If you stay in other classes of room suites instead of a standard room you know you might get more but This is what a standard room looks like. So I’m going to pass it over to me from a couple of days ago and go ahead and walk you through what our room looks like.

located in Banff Alberta Canada

this is the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. It is located and it’s located in Banff Alberta Canada. And this is the Rope. So this is a gold-floor room. However, it’s the same as your standard bookable room here at Fairmont. I’ll give you a quick tour of this side. Just behind me, we have the washroom with a slide-out door and the washroom does have these nice Shower heads on the side of the wall which is very cool.

And again there’s also a great sliding door. It’s not a plastic curtain. A fairly good amount of space here The shower has very high. It is also adjustable which is a great good amount of pressure that you don’t always get. In some of these older hotels over here, you’ve got the place we can put your toiletries. We’ve also got the rose 31 lotions and so forth which are there.

So it houses a brand I guess of a brand that they work with. And you’ve got the sink pretty small sink. Pretty small bathroom in total. We’ve also had an epiphany side mirror here for makeup or whatever you need and then there’s a little bit of storage below or some of your towels will be over here just behind that you’ve got your Closet And it’s a fairly large closet lat.

Fairmont banff springs hotel address

405 Spray Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1J4, Canada Inside you can see pretty deep and again some stuff for your shoes and on this side which is very nice. They’ve also got an umbrella. So if it rains here which it might they’ve got you covered So let me show you the room area and what’s in there.

So over here we have a nightstand and at night and you got to pull out the drawer. You’ve also got a bunch of storage space down here which is nice on our left. He’s got this large place to put all your clothes.

A good amount of storage above the TV. Also does have a built-in Chromecast so if you want to stream your shows you can. Go ahead and do that. You have to bring your way.

Very very nice. A large number of Pull out drawers. Very deep very large And over here We have a Nescafe coffee maker with your coffee pods and they also have a lot 35 which is their brand that they support and then you got some more storage below. That Bunch of storage over here is a little bit more storage.

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That’s the first View

Down here as well as wine glasses and a wine cork and a bottle cap Opener over here. You got some charging just great. It’s also where you have the waste bins you got a little table here with a chair for you too if you’re working. This is we have two views here actually at the side of the building I’ll show you those. That’s the first View. And this is the second view of jeans.

It’s a bit of an overcast day and they’ve got these Great Windows that open up pretty wide There is an air conditioner. You’ve got another reciprocal Call side table here that has the same features. That’s the bed They do have to read lights overhead.

One thing you might notice is they do not have a fridge so do be prepared there is no fridge here. If you do want a fridge they won’t bring one up for you. So, unfortunately, you’re stuck with just ice as you can see here but you can feel free to ask for ice and they will bring it up. So this is room 501 of the farm at Fairmont Banff. Springs Hotel.

Beautiful little place. Where here for seven days is our last day. So please enjoy this tour we hope you consider booking this. We’ve enjoyed our time here and we hope to see you here at some point So this is a wonderful Hotel.

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