Free study in Australia without IELTS

Free study in Australia without IELTS

how to get a job in Australia from India without IELTS?

how to go to Australia without IELTS?

Free study in Australia without IELTS University in Australia where you can study without you your IELTS exam okay? You don’t need to meet any English language tests. If you meet the basic criteria set out by the university so you can go for almost all the programs there including their master’s program or even Ph.D. programs without giving any IELTS.

Exams If you meet the criteria and this is not a very low-ranked University. It’s a very high-ranking higher-ranked University in the world and it is Frank 38 in the world which is very good. So now we’ll see which university and the university I am talking about is the University of Sydney which is situated in the city.

Sydney the largest city in Australia okay?

And I will say how you can do it. It. So if you are from a nonspeaking non-English speaking country like India or China or Bangladesh or Pakistan Nepal or anywhere in Africa, you can join their master’s program. If you have finished your bachelor’s degree a three-year bachelor’s degree at least in English. So that’s the criteria set out.

So if you have finished a bachelor’s in Commerce from India You are eligible to join their master’s program without meeting any other English language testing requirement you just need your Bachelor’s in whatever subject. It is with a letter of instruction from the University that you have studied. So in that case you can apply to the university for the master’s program along with this Loi and get admitted.

Programs at in Masters

So This University is having tons of programs at in Masters’s level and also at the Ph.D. level and most of the programs are very highly ranked in the world there are a few exceptions to this English language requirement policy for some of their programs.

such as entry-level nursing programs and even architecture they have had a little bit different English language requirements set out by the university but Other than that all other programs’ master’s programs you can get admitted if you have finished your bachelor’s degree completely in English. That I mean all the teaching all the exams and all that you know instructions everything. If it was conducted in English you don’t have any problem.

Also my link….

Mount saint vincent university graduate programs

University of windsor application deadline for winter 2024

Test your english level free

So what I will do is I will put the link to the English language. So if you are looking to study in Australia and if you don’t want to give an English language test this is the best option you have and there are hardly any Universities that offer you know their master’s degree programs without it. English language. Testing other than if you take another English coaching in the first year or in the first six months.

So for this program, there is nothing like that. You meet these criteria and you get into the master’s program director. That’s how it is. So speak about the people from English-speaking countries such as the USA New Zealand or the UK or Ireland. So they just need to meet and Eat like you know one-year study in English for other countries like non-English-speaking countries. You have to study at least a three-year program in English that’s it.

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