Globalization partners reviews

Globalization partners reviews We have Charlie Ferguson who is the general manager of Asia Pacific for globalization Partners. Globalization Partners is a company that leverages technology. That lets its customer’s onboard staff in a matter of hours rather than weeks or sometimes months and overseas tax insurance and components for over 180.

Companies across the world. Welcome to the journey. Charlie 88 thanks so much for having no worries. So to start off as a Company work a lot with the employer of record technology Oreo is so firstly could you give me a quick overview of the company and then could you explain the concept of Absolutely.

Globalization Partners Company Signs

Company itself was that In 2012 the United States headquarters into headquarters operation between San Diego California and Boston Massachusetts. And as you pointed out in the Preamble and 187 countries around the world today offer the service. And the Genesis of the idea behind the service was catalyzed by the founder and Cole Sikkim earlier in her career.

Spent Time helping companies to expand their business in the traditional way which is by going into a country and setting up a legal structure. Putting the entity in place they go through the process of establishing behavior and all the various things you need to do to hire your local talent. Get scaled up. It’s a way to do it but it’s not the most expeditious way.

It’s not the most painless way to get things done. So for Idea was how wonderful it would be if I were able to go around the world and it’s a structure that any company that wanted to come into particular country leverage to you know hire and onboard their staff and then make decisions around how they want to ultimately you know expand or scale into that particular country.

So in its simplest form, the more model is as follows the company finds. Alan candidate and we kind of take care of the rest of the process. So we got aboard the candidate and we use our own identities and technology and structures around the world to get them on board in a few hours. In most cases. As part of that obviously, we take on the responsibility.

So ensuring that payroll is accurate client and timely tax filings are done you legally and applying the basic local Action. We follow all the various local-specific laws that are required to remain compliant and what this allows is essentially through that process you now have a local presence and your employees work for you.

And we manage kind of all of the infrastructure behind the scenes for sure that that relationship is successful. So that’s in a nutshell. What you are doing. There are a lot of nuances and that’s of capability in that. But that’s at a high level with the model And in the APEC region, you oversee what opportunities see for you in this market specifically.

So many areas are growing right now, not least of which is exacerbated by some of the straight contests between superpowers. Globalization Partners history The United States and China be Chief among them. But also because during this covid pandemic, so many shifts in the perspective of how to deliver business value have occurred. So let me be more specific. As companies are shifting their supply chains for example.

It does essentially remove them from certain countries, but at least put in place contingency, plans, and kind of take on new countries too. Building resilience that there’s a project capability following that companies are looking to bring on board new Talent.

globalization partners history
globalization partners history

Now with the challenges that a lot of countries are encountering traveling to those countries becomes exceedingly difficult. So to explore that market opportunity and establish a new base from the supply chain. The fact is you can have somebody on the ground to do the For you.

So we provide this vehicle that allows for the particular company to do some exploring Explorer Market in a very low-risk matter. Hire an individual or a few people to build a small team and go out and start to build the links in that supply chain in the local market at such time.

As that company feels. It’s appropriate to potentially go to the next stage and really establish their own presence in separate that we help them to transition those professionals off of Our vehicle among their infrastructure. So that’s kind of one point of view. Another really interesting one is kind of flipping the lives around.

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I talked to a lot of government agencies around this region you are particularly Keen to elevate their national talent pool capability by that. I mean to say there are companies all around the world right now that are eager to tap into Global Talent.

And that’s been sort of galvanized just you and I are sitting here today everybody’s working from home right? Everything is gone ostensibly remote. So therefore other than time zone considerations the whole world becomes your recruitment pool. The challenge becomes if I for example wanted to hire someone that I discovered through social channels embedded in Veteran that person was in New Zealand as an example about having a presence there.

Globalization Partners Technology

There It’s extremely difficult for me to compliantly Fire and onboard that particular talented Professional without structure in place. So they leverage the ER model to you know acquire and retain that talent. And at such time as they make a decision to maybe go into that market or maybe they’d ever decided to go to the army. They just wanted that particular talented individual as part of their team.

So this model facilitates that Technology. The other has all of this is really exciting because it off sensibly creates I call it a command center for remote work management. And what it does essentially is it allows you to see where all of your people are that are within our structures on our platform. It allows you to administer various aspects of payroll.

It allows for the professionals themselves to get clarity around the area. Cables have an interest in understanding and or perhaps more germane is to do expense claims. They staged like day-to-day sort of interaction. It allows them to make requests for paid time off. And for the ultimate employer for the company and allows for them also to kind of hook across a map of the world and say you know what we are going to explore our next market and they click on the map.

Hold on to some information related to To what it means to sort of expand to that particular country and maybe they even go so far. As to say we want to place an individual there. They kind of go through an automated process that they’re provided with a proposal to give me an invoice automatically and we can automatically onboard the individual.

So it’s a very seamless kind of experience that is very consumer green and it’s in line with not only what technology should be providing for the ease-of-use perspective but it’s also a line. Closely to the world that we’re operating in hours basically, everything’s got to be kind of seamless and automated in order to work in a remote construct.

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