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In the life of dubai royal family house

Inside The Life of Dubai Royal Family┬áhis name is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the head of the royal family that is transformed to buy from a dry desolate desert into a Global Financial Powerhouse built for the world’s wealthy and Powerful. Yes, Money in Dubai is as plentiful as its oil reserves and The center of the Region’s burgeoning economic success is the house of Maktoum.

In the life of dubai royal family house

The Dubai royal family possesses a mind-blowing net worth of 18 billion dollars but who are they how do they make their fortune and better yet? How do they spend their billions Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid? Al Maktoum is not only the current ruler of Dubai.

He is also the vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates. So a strong economic Foundation built by his father Sheik Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum widely credited for transforming Dupuy from an oil-dependent Emirate to an international business home in the 60s and 70s the Sheikh’s family has inherited an astounding Fortune that’s propelled them to the title of the richest royal family in Dubai.

If not one of the richest royal families in the world says that members of this family can afford to live the life of their dreams. Is an understatement with their vast Fortune. The family has splashed lavishly on all manners of luxury from palaces and two Yachts to private jets and gold-plated cars. It’s hard to ignore their Royal presents Sheikh.

Mohammed bin Rashid has six known wives and 23 recognized children yet despite his large family each and every one of them enjoys the benefits that come with royal wealth. They’ve died at the Finest hotels in the world and attended the most prestigious schools.

The dubai royal family possesses hotel

In fact the Sheikh’s eldest son his successor and Crown Prince of Dubai Hamdan bin Mohammed. Al Maktoum is an alumnus of the London School of Economics when the Sheik married his first wife in 1979 he set the official Guinness world record for the most extravagant wedding ceremony in the world.

Costing an estimated 100 million dollars So when we factor in inflation so lavish was the ceremony that the crowned Prince at the time even had a Stadium built for the auspicious occasion through his prestigious Global investment holding company Dubai Holdings. The Sheik has been the chief financier and developer of construction Marvels in Dubai such as the Maktoum international airport.

He’s companies also the primary owner of emirates Airlines one of the most prestigious and profitable Airline companies in the world the airline is so successful that it is partnered with some of Europe’s most elite football teams to engage in lucrative sponsorship deals but is behind closed doors. Real estate Investments are the true source of the Sheikh’s unimaginable net worth.

Take for example the prestigious labeled epic Penthouse in Monaco are uniquely lavish by residents. It offers spectacular views of Monaco’s Skyline as well as providing. Ultra-modern housing amenities. Enviable to many the penthouse has three master bedrooms six executive bathrooms and eight staff rooms to cater to the rulers every back and corn in total.

There are over 30 rooms in the penthouse. It also features an enormous Library a vast amount of walk-in closets for fashion enthusiasts and an infinity pool that melts into Monaco’s. Spellbinding Skies purchased by the If Mark tunes in 2010 this luxurious apartment was swooped up by the Sheikh for a record-breaking 323 million dollars.

But away from The Eccentric and magnificent life of Monaco. We travel to the United Kingdom with a ruler’s own. Some of the most I want a ring a state in Britain in 2020. For example, he purchased a palatial mansion in would hey Suri worth a mind-blowing 13 million pounds the Exclusive man. It boasts an impressive 10 bedrooms a luxurious swimming pool and 10 hectares of prime Parkland.

With a Chic An avid equestrian prefers to race. His thoroughbred horses are still in England. He owns an affluent 75 million pound long cross e State near Cobham in Surrey which he purchased to escape Dubai’s sweltering summer heat in 2009 the Sheikh also acquired the Suffolk estate for a Rusev 45 million pounds which he then transformed into his personal horse ranch near the New Market racecourse in Scotland.

He owns a vast estate in Westeros which boasts 14 bedrooms and sixty-three thousand acres of prime. Land in the Lush Scottish Highlands. There have also been rumors that the Sheik is a secret.

The largest Real Estate Mogul in London is believed to be the chief financial behind many of Of these spellbinding skyscrapers that now touch the capital Skyline yet the Sheikh’s heirlooms are back in Dubai and it is popularly known as visible Palace as the Sheikh’s primary residence. It is believed to have cost more than 500 million dollars to construct situated.

Roughly six miles from Dubai’s border. The palace is surrounded by magnificent skyscrapers and eccentric neighborhoods. This stunning structure is also in circles. By lush green Lawns which look even more stunning in the morning as they attract pretty peacocks that strut across.

Which looks even more stunning. In the morning as they attract pretty peacocks that strut across the gardens while access to the Palace is restricted by tight security. You came to capture some picturesque photos of the palace from a distance for the Sheik’s enviable car collection. He owns some of the rarest and most exotic vehicles in the world.

Inside The Life of Dubai Royal Family

Of course, his most conspicuous vehicle has to be the Mercedes G 55 AMG which the Sheik has been seen regularly navigating through the streets of Dubai albeit with tight security of course some notable mentions in his 100-plus car collection include the Deville 16 worth point eight million dollars a Bugatti Veyron worth 1.2 million dollars and a custom gold Rolls-Royce Ghost worth over half a million dollars. When the Sheik decides to Vacation away from the land and enjoys the High Tides.

He does. So on his 531-foot Dupuy yacht A luxurious boat worth more than 350 million dollars. This Magnificent Super Boat is long with Of index and spacious enough to host more than 100 guests as well as 88 crew members with helipads a luxurious dining area and a personalized.

The carriage can fit 20 motorbikes the Sheik can live in Absolute Comfort for months on his yacht without missing any of his luxurious indulgences on land in total. The Sheikh is estimated to have a personal net worth of around 4 billion dollars His son Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum has a personal net worth of around 400 million dollars.

In the life of dubai royal family house
In the life of dubai royal family house


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In the life of dubai royal family 2024

The Crown Prince of Dubai is also next in line to succeed. His father was ruler and Through the Years his father has been grooming him to transition the Emirate of Dubai into a fully oil-dependent economy and potentially. The world’s largest business Harbor as the vice ruler of Dubai and the minister of industry and finance harmed is doing well to follow in his Father’s Footsteps. Yet he shares in his father’s.

Insatiable taste for luxury vehicles but perhaps not as eccentric and I dare say as expensive as his old man some of his most notable Vehicles include the Porsche 918 Spyder which is valued at over 850 thousand dollars. The prince also boasts a gold Rolls-Royce. Well, lap his personal favorite vehicle in total. The prince is believed to have a car collection.

Estimated at around 60 million dollars despite their aim some Notable riches both father and son have shown their humility from time to time. The two have been spotted walking freely especially on the streets of Dubai and London for example in 2016 the Father and Son were seen casually riding the London Underground train mingling with the locals who identified them as royalty. Perhaps it was their way of experiencing a sense of normalcy. But millions of people experienced every day away from the grandest splendors of Are royal lives but who knows?

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