Master degree Austria university admission

Master degree Austria university admission 2023-24 So one thing you need to know about applying for Australia is that when you hear admission is not the type of admission that we know. So when it comes to admission in Austria that is when the admission committee has already assessed your document and sent you a letter that you can now apply for admission then you then apply for online admission and that means that you have already been accepted but you need to apply for the online admission then. But one thing about it is that you need to send your document through posts. We are going to come to that but I want to remind you. You also need to legalize your document.

Master’s degree Austria university admission 2023-24

So if you’ve not done that this is really like a great chance if you really want to go abroad because a lot of schools need that a lot of schools it will help boost your chances. So you just need to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also the Ministry of Education and legalize your document. So these two places I don’t know.

It’s called your country you can search for the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to legalize your document because it will prove that your University is time that University and it’s recognized in your country. So you and your certificate are not fake.

So that is the reason why you need to legalize your document. So if you have like a lie your document and your transcript I mean your certificate your way OU High School certificate Your Diploma Your bachelor’s degree certificate or master’s degree certificate and your transcript you need. Like a like that then you can be able to apply to so many universities.

you can apply an additional curse poe

So here we can see masters that are taught in English. We can see all the Masters. So if you have a bachelor’s degree related to this course then you can apply. So one thing with this University is that it needs to be directed to these courses if it is not directed to these courses I don’t really know how your admission will be. But yeah so let’s click on one of them. You can see I’m going to give this link so if you have any courses I hear that you don’t know your bachelor’s degree then you can apply.

And remember that the tuition is just seven hundred and forty-two point something year. So it’s just between 757 and 80 euros per semester or per year so you can also search for that. So when we click on this computer science then we read what they want.

You go through here and make sure you read everything because you will need it on your motivation letter even though they don’t request for you but I always tell my subscribers to write a motivation letter d 2. Of course any time it will also put seats might actually post to your application.

So here you will see the. But what they asked is for you to complete a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject. And here you can see the relevant subject of computer science information and computer engineering. So if you have a bachelor’s degree in the following subject then you can apply for this course.

That is also for the rest of the other courses in the English Mustard Seed in the English Field or the English Todd Masters. So here you need to prove evidence of your competence in English here. If your country like if you didn’t if you’re not from a country that speaks English or your Secondary School your high school was not completed in English then you need an LTS.

Austria university admission countries

But if your high school studies are completed in English that you don’t need it also countries like in some countries in Africa like South Africa Nigeria Ghana are those countries. You don’t need IELTS. You just need your legalized YX.

If you tell your legalized High School certificate that can prove that you have your English least we can also say if you have your English at least something. Yeah, you can. Okay. We can see it. You completion of eight years at an English-speaking school so if you completed your Secondary School your high school in English then you don’t need IELTS.

But if you don’t then you need I LTS and there is another thing the certificate listed in this item won’t 24 may not be older than two years so that is also the problem.

If for example you are applying for a bachelor’s degree and you completed do you apply for master’s degree and you completed your Bachelor’s degree in English in an English-speaking country maybe two years ago then you can apply without IELTS.

If you completed high school two years ago in an English-speaking country or in an English-speaking School two years ago then you can apply. But if it is more than two years then you might probably need to write IELTS. So that is how it works in this place.

International students

So here you need to provide either. If you can speak the German language you need to provide the document proving that you can speak the German language. So you can see that the application is going to start by the first mate on 5th September. So after here is going to start here for people outside of the EU but you need to start sending your document.

So here is the procedure process how you can apply number one click on this place and feel this form Fielder’s admission form and then you go here and collect your admission documents. The documents and what are the documents.

So we are going to go to that. And then when you get are all the documents like allies that certified as you said then you need to send it. You need to send it to this place you need to send it by post to this address. So they will not really tell you whether it has arrived or not.

So you make sure you use a trustworthy company that can so when they send it here then the application arrives then they will go through your application and then they will notify you of the outcome in your admission letter application later you need to write your email so then they will notify. You if you are accepted or not.

So if you accept that there you can be able to go for the online application. If you scroll here you will see the application form. First, you need to download that and your school’s leaving certificate even though they did not say lies and satisfy. But most schools in Australian media legalized and certified School Leaving certificates.

Master degree Austria university admission
Master degree Austria university admission

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University courses and qualifications

This is for Bachelor So they need something else that is called proof of special University and Qualification of what disease of the country outside of the EU. So this is your University where you studied it also with the Bachelor’s Masters Ph.D.

the University where you study they need to give you a letter. Proving that the course that you’re studying it’s more like a recommendation letter but it’s not a recommendation letter. They need to give you a letter that proves like the course that you are about to study maybe computer science is related to what you studied in your bachelor’s degree level. So they are recommending you or they are. And it’s also Recognized in the country. So make sure it’s at least there’s something like that you can as well read this so that you understand what they mean.

Or you can just ask me in the comment section and I will explain it more. Then you also need transcript your transcript and also proof of German for a bachelor’s degree and you need your passport and your CV. So make sure your CV stands that and you can as well.

I catch a motivation letter as I said it will not cause any harm. So also for the bachelor’s degree let’s try oka for the Master’s. Agree. You need your application form. You need your certificate of a completed undergraduate degree. So as I said you need to certify its legalize it and then you need your transcript.

Also, make sure that you legalized and certify it it will give you more quality application. So and here is also the proof of special University entrance. So you can search this on Google copy it searched on Google and you go to images and you can see how it works.

So if you are applying for a master’s in English too for Each course then remember what I said about that like the document that you need to upload and also a copy of your passport. Only the page with the personal data is requested so your data page and also your CV then you have to submit it.

Master’s degree in architecture. You need to submit your portfolio that you need to send it to the address that I listed here. So you need to Send it to that address.

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