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Most expensive boat in the world for sale

Most expensive boat in the world for sale Old and platinum used three agonizing years of back-breaking construction and to top it all off a hefty price tag of four point eight billion dollars yet. Despite all this, no one in the world has ever seen history.

Suprema is the most expensive luxury yacht in the world. Join me today as we take a look at the mystery of the most expensive yacht in the world. A luxury yacht varnish. Well, Dedenne is much controversy as the legend of Bigfoot or even the Loch Ness monster it all started in 2011.

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The world’s most expensive luxury yacht draped in solid gold to an anonymous buyer. The context of the press release also claimed that the company had worked on The Yacht for three grueling. Years using 100,000 kilograms of platinum and solid gold to construct the boat.

At first, most people thought this was simply a marketing gimmick by the company because seriously no one had ever heard of someone spending 100 tons of solid gold to build a boat but there was more Stuart Hughes teased than the owner of the history.

Supreme was a wealthy Malaysian business Mogul who had chosen to keep his identity a secret instantly the internet’s armchair of detectives sent their site on none other than Malaysia’s wealthiest man Robert Kwok founder of the enviable Shangri-La chain of hotels and luxury. Resorts. In fact, Forbes estimates his wealth to be somewhere between 10 to 12 billion dollars.

He is also the only billionaire in Asia with a net worth of over five billion. You ain’t even with all that wealth you must submit that. He doesn’t necessarily qualify to sit in the league of billionaires who can easily Splash five billion on a luxury yacht. Am I right? I mean that’s almost half of his entire wealth. And if there’s one thing I know about entrepreneurs like Mr. Quoc they would never spend half of their wealth on a luxury asset like this but then again you can never know with this bill.

Legionnaires and speaking of billions what exactly makes the history Supreme so expensive or measuring 100 feet in length? The history Supreme might not be the biggest yacht in the harbor but let me remind you. One last time that it is covered bow to stern in Platinum and gold don’t get me wrong.

I’ve been on my face share of luxury Yachts but I have never seen one with a rails dining area and even the anchor is completely decked out in Solid gold.

I mean that must be a sight to behold but even this doesn’t beat the piece de resistance of the yacht. Master bedroom rumor has it that this bedroom is so lavish that its walls have been built from meteorite Stone and then finished off with genuine T-Rex bones. That was ground and added to the meteorite material. Oh yes, you heard that right Tyrannosaurus rex bones.

Oh, and you thought that Designers were done. They then added a solid Platinum finish to The Ensemble. That’s white solid Platinum. I mean talk about pulling out all the guns in the design room. Once the history Supreme was announced it dethroned. The eclipse is the most expensive yacht in the world.

The Eclipse is the prize property of the Russian oligarch. Roman Abramovich is quite different in terms of building from the history suprema. For starters, it measures 533 feet in length and 70, 2.2 feet in height which is much larger than the history suprema. And with a total living space of 6,000 square feet divided between Rooms and Suites, this superyacht can host up to 30 guests and a crew and staff of up to 92 members Abramovich. Took ownership of the yacht in December 2010.

Once construction of the vessel was finalized by German shipbuilder Blohm + Voss. The ship itself is divided into nine decks with the top deck boasting a helicopter pad. And even a garnish where Abramovich can park his luxury vehicles on the 8th and 7th decks. So we have this swimming pool and Sundeck. This is where guests can go for a swim and sunbathe in the Summer.

Sun a deck below guests are treated to the salon not to mention the main dining hall where they can get a hearty meal level. 4 & 3 are the accommodation area containing the cabins and Suites of the crew guests and the owner.

And finally, the second level serves as the submarine docking port with the first level hosting the yacht engine Umm and even a small disco club, unlike the history suprema which is coated in solid platinum and gold. The eclipse is built with a displacement.

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Steel hull and aluminum superstructure. It also has a state-of-the-art stabilization system that reduces the roll motion effect not to mention anchor and stabilizers to enhance Comfort when the boat is coming to a stop the eclipse has undergone several interior Renovations in the last decade to improve its We’ll look and magnificence.

Then today the eclipse superyacht is worth 1.5 billion dollars only about three times less than the price of the history suprema. But unlike the history Supreme, we’ve actually seen the eclipse taking off from a harbor in venturing into the high seas.

In fact, the eclipse is usually rented out as a luxury Yacht for other wealthy decadence to enjoy. Interestingly enough the eclipse is an annual Keep foot of 60 million dollars. However, talk is that this super yacht is so popular that even when Abramovich is not using it still makes him a handsome profit when rented out as for the history Supreme the mystery of its existence and whereabouts deepens for one its never been sighted at any of the major ports where billionaires prefer to document their Yachts.

No one has ever recorded it. It sailed more and snapped pictures of it. At any Harbor and some yachting message boards even believe that the images that were taken by luxury companies Stuart Hughes or actually concept images of another yacht.

That was in production. But for now, the truth about the history Supreme is very obscure. It is entirely possible that we could be talking about a boat that doesn’t even exist or perhaps.

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