Mount saint vincent university graduate programs

Mount saint vincent university graduate programs requirements

Mount saint Vincent University Graduate Programs Mount Saint Vincent University was established in. 1873 so we’re quite old and we are a public university as I said and on the east coast of Canada. We are nationally recognized for our small class sizes So on average in your first year that would be about 23 students per class. The low student of Professor ratio lends itself to success in the classroom as well our professors get to learn a little bit well for us.

Students and our students get that personal connection with their professors. In total, we have about 4,300 students that join us from 77 different countries around the world. We’re also able to offer cutting-edge research opportunities not only to our master’s degree students but also to our Bachelor’s Degree-seeking students and we’re able to offer work experiences in all of our bachelor’s degree programs more information on that later on.

So where are we? Where are we located, Mount? Saint Vincent University is in Halifax which is the capital city of Nova Scotia. It is also the largest city in the entire Atlantic region of Canada. If you were to fly to Toronto or New York it would take you about 2 hours by flight. If you are to fly across the country to the West Coast of Canada let’s say you were going to Vancouver which would take you about To eight hours on a plane.

So that’s where we are Halifax is a coastal city located right on the Atlantic Ocean. And so the population here is almost half a million and we’re also known as Canada’s Smart City. And the reason is that there are many many colleges and universities located in the city itself. And so many students from all across Canada and around the world call Halifax their home.

Mount saint Vincent University Graduate Programs

It is a very safe place to live I know that I was an international Small student and I moved here to Halifax to attend Mount Saint Vincent University. And I can’t tell you how charming and vibrant and welcoming this city is. The campus itself is located about seven minutes outside of the downtown core of Halifax. We have 40 acres of space and so the campus itself is located in one area. Not like other universities where there are many different campuses across different parts of the city.

We are all in one location and it’s kind of like a park in the city because we have five main buildings that students use to go to classes or To the dining hall. But we are in a park-like setting and all these main buildings are connected. So that means that when you are going from your residence room to get breakfast in the dining hall or running to class you can do that all inside.

Okay, residences one of the cool things about our residences is that every student gets their room so we don’t have any double rooms or sharing groups. We have three types of resident tiles for students to choose from and all of our resident plans come with the meal plan as well. So you don’t have to worry about where you will get your next meal.

It’s also, of course, a very safe place their security is 24 hours a day 7 days a week even in the big public. Holidays and of course that’s the best way for you. As an international student to make friends meet new people and make connections. We’re also very proud of our Varsity athletic teams. We have seven varsity teams and we hold the most national and Regional championships in our league. So we’re very very proud of our Superstar athletes.

A global community of shared future

Okay, so in the International Community, we have about 18 percent of our student population is from outside of Canada. As you can see on the slides I’ve listed some of the larger populations of where students come from but they are so much more as well. Some students come to us from all over parts of Europe as well as other parts of Africa.

And of course Latin America as well. Okay so experiential learning opportunities. This is what I was talking about earlier at the beginning we offer work experiences and all of our bachelor’s degree programs. Now, these work experiences can come in the form of internships that are paid or unpaid or coops or cooperative education which is a three-time work term that all students have to take throughout their four-year Bachelor’s.

Of course, we have practicums as well which is you have to complete 400 hours of work opportunities throughout your studies. Now, these work experiences are not mandatory. They are optional but they are there for students to take advantage of and it’s really important. We feel that students to be able to put the theory that they have learned in the classroom into practice in a real working environment.

So for example if you are a student in the faculty of Arts or Sciences you can take an internship. That is between 13 to 20 weeks long in your third year. Or if you’re in the faculty of professional studies let’s say you are a business student a tourism student or a public relations student. You will do a co-op work term and a co-op work term is three months of work term that you have to do three times.

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Academic Programs Undergraduate

Oops. Okay, so what academic programs do we offer at the undergraduate level? So as I was alluding to earlier we have three main faculties the Arts The Sciences and professional studies the mount is a university that is known for some of the programs in our professional studies faculty. So for example the child and Youth Study program is the only four-year bachelor’s degree in the Tire Atlantic region.

And so these are for students who want to work with kids and youth in a daycare setting or even teach professionally at a later time. We also offer seven different Majors under the business administration program public relations. We are the first Institution in Canada to offer this as a professional degree and also we are looked to as the institution to do research within this area of study.

and a public relations graduate. And it certainly is a very very challenging but also very very amazing program. We’re also known for our applied human nutrition programs. We are one of 16 universities in Canada that offer in And ships to students who are working.

Towards their dietetics license as well as tourism and Hospitality again. We’re one of the first universities to have this program with not only the work component but as an established professional degree in Canada. And of course, if you want more information on any of these programs you can just go to MSU dot See slash programs All the program information is available on our website.

Admission requirements

Okay. So what are the admission requirements? Like for students from high school? Very very simple. We look at your highest-scoring grade 12 courses and what does that look like? So if you are taking let’s say 10 grade 12 courses we always look at your five highest academic grade 12 courses and calculate that towards the overall average.

We need about a seventy percent average with no Score below 60% and set your language. So for example if you are a student coming to us from China we do look at your Manner and scores. Are you good at your first primary language and the minimum scoring that we need? That is 65% for admission some of our programs were examples such as nutrition required chemistry biology and Mathematics as part of the calculation towards your score. So always 5 grade 12. Of academic courses with an average of seventy percent.

language requirements for university

For language requirements. We do require either anions or a TOEFL score so for else we do require a minimum of six points. I’d overall with no individual. Mark below 6 .0.

However if you are almost meeting our Isles. requirements and let’s say you have an aisle to a 6 we can give you conditional admission into the university to your program of choice but you will be required to take our RC bridging program and the university bridging program or the is an academic English course that you will have to take alongside here University classes to ensure that you meet the academic expectations and the language expectations of the University.

Scholarships & Financial AID

Okay, scholarships. I love talking about scholarships because we are so proud to be able to offer at least 2.72 to about 3.3 million dollars every year to high school students for entry into Mount Saint Vincent University and it’s very simple. All you have to do is apply to the university by March first.

You have to get your application fee as well as your transcripts in by March 1st to be For this award the entrance scholarships are automatic. So basically once you had all of your documents submitted and your application in you will be automatically assessed for a scholarship. And basically, if you have an 80% average or higher you are guaranteed a small amount of money the higher your average the more scholarship you will receive and the range is between 2008.

32,000 Canadian dollars over four years. So it is a renewable scholarship that you can get from your first year. To your 4th year until you graduate. We also have other scholarships available as well and of course, if you want more information on those special scholarships that do require a separate application you can go to MSB U.C. a / entrance seed scholarship sleep.

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