my village paragraph 200 words

My village paragraph 200 words

My village paragraph for class 7,8,9,10, SSC

Your Neighbors

The word neighbor means a person living in a house or a street near another. So those who live near one another are neighbors, though they are not living in the neighborhood. Importance of neighbors: Man is a social being. He does not live in a forest like an animal unless he is a savage or a saint. Of course, there was a time when men live in the forests like animals. Then none could think for others. Self-preservation was his only thought at that time.

Gradually men realized the advantage of living together. It was necessary for their existence. Otherwise, they were unable to protect themselves from the attacks of wild animals. So they formed a society and learned to live together as neighbors. Our neighbors are our companions in prosperity and adversity. We get more help from them than from our close relations.

So we gave our duties and responsibilities to our neighbors because they are our constant companions. Duty towards neighbors: We must treat our neighbors well. We should share in their joys and sorrows. We should stand by them and give them courage and protection in danger. We should attend to them when they ate sick. We should help our poor neighbors with money and lessen their distress.

We should feed them when they need it. If any of our neighbors happen to be wicked, we should do our best to rectify him. We should not hate our neighbors in any way. Conclusion: Thus we find that a good neighbor is a great boon to a man. So all of us should try to be good neighbors and help one another in all possible ways.

My village paragraph for class 7 8 9 10 ssc english

My village paragraph for class 7: The name of our village is Komolpur. It is in the district of [name of the district]. It is an ancient village. Situation: The village stands on the north bank of the river Shitalakkha. On the east of the village, there is a large field.

It is 5 miles away from the district headquarters. The Thana headquarter [name of the Thana headquarter] is only 3 miles away from our village. Population and Occupation: The population of our village is over fifteen thousand. Most of them are Muslims. The rest are Hindus.

Most of the villagers are farmers. Some are businessmen and some are service-holders, a few of the villagers are fishermen and carpenters, and there are many educated men in our village. Most of them live in towns. Institutions: It is an old and important college.

There is a high school, three primary schools, a college and a public library in our village. There are also a post office and a big market here. There are four pucca mosques and a madrasah in the village. Communication: The communication in our village either by road or by the river is very good. The village is well-communicated with the district headquarters and the thana headquarters.

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The river Shitalakkha connects the village with Sakhua and Kamalapur. Cultural activities: Our village is famous for some cultural activities like Jattra, jargon, the boat race, and the bullock race, Climate and health: The climate of our village is good for health.

We have no want of pure drinking water. Fish, milk, meat vegetables, etc. are available here in plenty. So the villagers are healthy happy and active. Conclusion: The people of our village are very simple and honest. They live in peace and happiness I am proud that I live in such an ideal village.

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