Nipissing university campus tour

Nipissing university campus tour We would like to begin by recognizing that we are located on the traditional territories of the Nipissing First Nations and lands protected by the Robertson Huron Treaty of 1859 North Bay Ontario the campus is nestled between Lake Nipissing and trout lake and is located within a stunning 720 Acres of Canadian Shield Forest.

On this tour, we will the education center the athletic center our new student center Monastery Hall and Governor’s House Residence. At the end of the tour if you still have questions we will share our offices and contact information and are happy to connect with you either virtually or on campus soon. We will begin the tour in the education center where most of Nipissing’s classrooms lab spaces and faculty offices are located.

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Nipissing university’s competitive scholarship 2024

Nipissing university scholarships Our next stop on the right-hand side of the hallway is the finance office. Which has two entrances fees and payments and OSAP and awards. These next few Graphics show Nipissing university’s competitive scholarship opportunities for high school and college transfer students. At Nipissing University your final grades make a big difference in scholarship.

Averages are calculated using your best six final for you or me marks or final IB score including bonus points all Canadian and international applicants applying directly from secondary school for September entry will be considered automatically for guaranteed entrance.

For scholarships, no application is needed please our website for more information. Action about College transfer Awards graduate funding future student bursaries and awards OSAP Province scholarship requirements and our work-study program.

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Our next stop is the office of academic advising where you can sit one-on-one with an advisor to select. Your course as we continue moving towards the back of the education center. Remember we will not be able to view all of Nipissing slab’s workspaces and student lounges in the amount of time We’ve allotted.

But as we walked by two of our psychologists Arvin slabs the social neuroendocrinology and the human evolution lab. I’d like to highlight one of the most significant advantages to students at Nipissing is our small class sizes and accessible professors. What that might look like for you is an opportunity to participate in research in the labs such as these while pursuing your undergraduate degree.

The sparrow Center is a brand-new space on the second floor of the education center near the small cafeteria specifically for business students. As we continue will move through the small cafeteria to the H Wing which leads us to the farthest back point of the education center where we will pass by education classrooms set up as they would be for different divisions or subjects.

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Nipissing University Campus Tour

You can think of a science class in high school with the sinks and the Bunsen burners or Elementary School. Where the seating arrangements can be in circles instead of rows We will pass by more lectures. Theatres seminar spaces student lounges biology and geography lab spaces have direct access to our beautiful biodiverse backyard. Will now go up to the third floor of the art Wing.

The education center and on campus is accessible by elevator and or ramp during an in-person campus tour. Our wonderful student volunteers can happily show you around the campus without taking any stairs. This next phase we will view is a seminar space. Your class sizes will naturally get smaller as you move through your undergraduate into more specialized and specific studies.

Some seminars have as few or less than five students. In this classroom, the theater and so many more are available for you to book as a student whether it is for a study group a meeting for clubs, or extracurricular activities. As we make our way back down to the second floor and back toward the main lobby. We have a few stops left in the education center for student development.

Across the hall, you will find student learning and transitions as well as the academic Skills Center where students can drop in during weekdays or find a peer tutor. Usually, an upper student who has experience navigating the course they are seeking help with Now we will descend to the first floor of the education center the cafeteria.

serves both Nipissing University and Canadore College students as the next few spaces we will our shared spaces. Sharing the College Drive location feels like The Best of Both Worlds. In the sense of having all the benefits of a small primarily undergraduate-focused Nipissing University Campus Tour.

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