Save Your Life Sitting Correctly

Save Your Life Sitting Correctly

Save Your Life Sitting Correctly technology has really changed It’s extremely Advanced and it has its pluses but it also has its negatives. And those negatives affect our health by doing so much on the computer as well as looking down on our smartphone for prolonged periods hours after hours after hours we’re putting a tremendous amount of load on the discs.

Then our neck mid-back and lower back area. And the accumulation of forwarding head posture causes those ligaments to stretch it causing instability of those vertebrae. The discs start to degenerate as well as two joints.

This leads to osteoarthritis the generation within the joints that can affect the nerves and the nerves that come out of the neck can affect many different areas This can cause neck pain headaches visual problems pain in the shoulder blades.

Into the chest are tingling and numbness down the arms into the hands and fingers. And if you’re spreading those long hours and disposition which many of us do every single day you need to make sure you start sitting correctly.

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So it’s extremely important that when you spend time sitting you must be sitting in the right organ AMA catch air. That is best for your spine.

And when you look at the picture on the left you can see there’s no support. For his neck, mid back shoulders lower back as well as his forearms, and wrist. And when we look at the man on the right we can see that his head has ears or shoulders are fairly lined up as well as his back.

His hips going at 90 degrees as well as his knees at 90 degrees. And here’s the pelvis the sacrum as well as the nerves that come off. The lumbar spine is yellow The lumbar spine looking from the side should have a lordotic curve as the shaped curve And when you’re sitting This is the front of you.

This is the back of you. You should always maintain and support that lumbar curve that helps support and take away irritation from these nerves and the muscles as well as stabilize the ligaments. So these joints and the lower back can stay stabilized in the strong and the more support and stability that we can support the lower lumbar.

Back when we sit down this has a direct relationship with the rest of the spine that sits above and without good support to the lower back you’re going to.

This forward rounded shoulders and forward head posture will continue to stress those joints and ligaments eventually causing more degeneration and eventually pinching on those nerves having head support behind you when adjusted correctly will be a tremendous asset for your health and everything is connected from your neck and your shoulders. And if we’re spending lots of time when we sit with our arms out in front of us if we’re texting, ing Ting.

Save Your Life Sitting Correctly
Save Your Life Sitting Correctly

If we’re on our computer whatever you may be doing this is going to cause the upper trapezius muscles to continue to contract. The muscles will pull behind the skull which can cause headaches or even vision problems. So when you’re sitting in a chair it’s always best to have armrests.

That will take stress and pressure away from the neck. And if you’re sitting incorrectly for a long period the discs in your lower back area can start to compress. Playing. They couldn’t bulge and affect those nerves. This can cause pain in the buttocks area as well as sciatica which is a pain tingling or numbness that can go all the way down the back of the leg all the way to the foot.

And I want to share with you something extremely important that very few people ever address when it comes to posture. We always think of posture and pain. But when we’re sitting in a poor posture with rounded shoulders we’re Ting a tremendous amount of restriction on our lungs and it is medically proven that slumped poor posture. Significantly reduces lung capacity It limits.

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The amount of oxygen getting to the lungs limits the amount of oxygen that gets to the cells tissues glands and organs of our body and I like to share with you a simple study that came out in PubMed in 2018 the study was the effect of upright and slouch sitting postures on the rest.

Try muscle strength. Healthy young males. And the final conclusion of that study showed that prolonged slouch positions induced breathing disorders and affect the surrounding structures including the heart and the phrenic nerve.

And for those who do not know what the phrenic nerve is that is a nerve that controls the diaphragm the diaphragm is what controls our breathing also be aware that bad posture slows digestion. So if you’ve just eaten a meal and you’re sitting Yup.

Save Your Life Sitting Correctly You’re slouching forward. That can lead to indigestion heartburn acid reflux and burning back up into the chest area because that poor posture is putting a tremendous amount of stress on the lower esophageal and sphincter. And I highly recommend that if you spend lots of time in a seated position give your muscles joints ligaments and nerves arrest You need to change positions.

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