simon fraser university application fee

Simon Fraser University graduate programs fees Guys today I will talk about Simon Fraser University. It was established in 1965 sing Fraser University is a public research University that has developed into one of Canada’s leading comprehensive universities with campuses spread across Burnaby Surrey and Vancouver located on British Columbia’s West Coast in Canada.

The university is named after an early Explorer. The university commenced operations on September 9th, 1965 with a 2500 total headcount. It is also the first Canadian University with u.s. recognition often described as Canada’s most Community-engaged research institution the university.

simon fraser university application deadline 2024

I apologize for any confusion, but I don’t have real-time information, including specific deadlines for Simon Fraser University in 2024. To find the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding application deadlines, please visit the university’s official website or contact their admissions office directly.

In the meantime, it’s generally a good practice to start your application well in advance of any posted deadlines. This allows ample time to gather all necessary documents, complete any required tests, and ensures that you have enough time to review and revise your application before submission.

Remember, attention to detail and careful preparation can significantly enhance the quality of your application. Best of luck with your academic journey at Simon Fraser University!

University offers undergraduate Programs

Now boasts three campuses with thirty thousand undergraduate students 5700 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows over 160,000 alumni and close to 1000 tenure-track faculty programs. Simon Fraser University offers undergraduate Programs across 150 plus subject areas.

Additionally, Simon Fraser offers a variety of diploma programs and certification courses. It is for research clusters namely Big Data Health technology Health solutions and new materials and technology for sustainability. All the courses are offered across eight faculties.

simon fraser university application fee
simon fraser university application fee


Faculty of applied sciences.

faculty of arts and social sciences BB School of Business.

faculty of Communication Arts and Technology.

Faculty of Education faculty of environment.

Faculty of Health Sciences. Faculty of Sciences.

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Nipissing university campus tour

Campus Simon Fraser University has three unique campuses in Burnaby. Surrey and Vancouver. It has affordable campus housing with more than 100 student beds.

There are well sports facilities. As the campus has basketball courts. Indoor Or climbing wall Aquatic Center a 25-meter-long swimming pool and diving pool. The application fee is $125 for English language requirements. L7 with a minimum score of 6.5 in each band. TOEFL 93 with a minimum score of 20 in each band. Pte 65 with a minimum score of 60 in each band.

The tuition fee is five thousand three hundred dollars a year. Placements University is an Alumni network of 17,000 from 143 countries worldwide. It is among Canada’s leading comprehensive universities and ranked at the top list of employment.

Considering its placement records Simon Fraser University has been acknowledged as Canada’s top 100 employers in 2020. BC top employers 2020 Canada’s top family-friendly employer 2020 Simon Fraser University graduate programs fees.

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