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The uk most expensive home ever sold

The uk most expensive home ever sold

The UK Most Expensive Home My post is a fairly big giveaway that I’ve grown up in fell in love with and bought the property in the United Kingdom it’s one of my favorite places on Earth but Prime Property there doesn’t come cheap as of 2020. The average cost of a home in the United Kingdom is 230,1855 pounds, and Americans spent around three hundred thousand dollars. If you’re looking in London the average price of the property is more than double that around 650,000 pounds in other words.

There are some expensive homes in the UK

There are some expensive homes in the UK. Today we’re going to take a look at the most expensive you can find. We’ll talk about how much they cost how the price has been driven to such an extreme and who exactly can afford a home. This expensive at the most expensive home in the United Kingdom and is a beast of property. It is quite different from traditional mentions in Great Britain you won’t find gargoyles and overbearing marble.

In this home. Instead, you’ll find a Thai-style dining room of volcanic wall and a car garage that lives up out of the pavement of course all that comes. It is quite a steep rice 250 million pounds which is roughly 325 million dollars. So on Earth could afford a home that’s worth 250 million pounds? Well, John Coldwell could but the craziest part is he doesn’t even live in the home. You mainly use it for charity events John Coldwell made his billions with the mobile phone retailer.

He found it called phones for you. And if you’re from the UK chances are you remember those bright red storefronts after selling his company called well primarily focused on investing philanthropy into 2000. He founded a charity called Caldwell children which helps disabled children and children with autism.

But when John isn’t working with charities or investing in companies he’s buying and renovating properties in the UK the Mayfair House’s most expensive home in the United was purchased by him for 87 million pounds way. Back in 2012 at home is historic and on the outside, it looks just about like Can in London the property includes the main home and guest quarters that were separated by a courtyard.

The uk’s most expensive homes

Surely the home was a historic beautiful mansion when John purchase it but it wasn’t exactly what he wanted instead. He embarked on a total renovation of the property the renovation employed 300 workers and took hundreds of hours of Labor and millions of dollars to make a reality.

In the end, John kept the main house and the guest house but he combined them via a massive basement which has some of the coolest Features I’ve seen in any house in the world in total fifteen bedrooms are spread across eight floors.

Three of which are underground the renovations to 20,000 sheets of gold leaf. 650 electrical sockets in 78 miles of cable. The total space in the home is 43,000 square feet which is the average size of 55 London. Flats almost have an acre’s worth of living space pretty insane for a house that nobody lives in in the main. Home. There are hallways lined with chandeliers wide Stone floors and grand staircases. That creates a sense of grandeur There’s an infant all add a room a master suite with a dressing room and a master bath.

A third-floor Conservatory multiple additional bedrooms and a breakfast room. And a library there you’ll find one of my favorite rooms in the house a Thai-style dining room. The dining room has skylights across the entire ceiling ornate white carved walls and preserved.

Tree with hanging romantic lights the cherry tree. Hangs over the long dinner table creating an ethereal dreamy environment beside the dining table is an indoor Pond that turns into a river that flows around the room. The pond and River are stocked with live fish which creates a rather incredible spectacle. Well, as long as you remember to feed the fish in the main home you’ll also find the ballroom which is 1,400 square feet. The ballroom Harkens back to the building’s roots. And in my opinion, it’s a bit of an Ooh Coco explosion. It looks as though.

It’s probably where most of those 20,000 sheets of gold leaf are. Went the walls are pale blue reminiscent of Renaissance Design in the ceiling. His gilded with gold accents in ornate carvings are rather breathtaking. There are chandeliers found throughout the ballroom with ostentatious Crystal and gold. Detailing at the end of the ballroom there are large fireplaces just like there are most of the historical rooms in the UK and the main buildings’ upper floors are beautiful.

Teufel, It’s the downstairs with a real party happens and if this was my house I would never be anywhere. But down here the basement is more like a luxury Recreation Area and the London basement is a 40-foot underground.

Swimming pool with cool blue tiling and underwater lights at the real. Wow, Factor can be found on the wall behind the poor. John decided he wanted a lava wall so the other designers incorporated the wall is made to look. Like magma is cracking through the rock threatening.

The uk most expensive home ever sold
The uk most expensive home ever sold

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Spillover into the pool there are four rocks found throughout the pool area to really bring home the underground theme. However, the ceiling above the pool is coated with metallic mirrors which creates a rather luxurious. Real feel next to the pool.

There is an extensive spa which is pretty flashy. There are purple and gold walls for the sauna a plunge pool and a massage room to round out the full spar experience. Then of course face, the nightclub, after all, doesn’t ever mention needing one. The nightclub is an art deco experience with an elaborate chandelier centerpiece set in a tray ceiling.

A chandelier is surrounded by string lights and crystal which makes for an incredibly luxurious design though. I don’t know about that electricity pill below the chandelier centerpiece being glossy. Black dance floor with just enough space for John’s rich philanthropy friends to get down on and beside the dance floor is an extensive bar with black and white marble and gold accents opposite of the dance floor. Much like a real nightclub. There are booths with.

The seating where people can gather and drink although I can safely assume you won’t have to buy a table at this club and overhead there are sending Leagues with a fringe effect that really brings you back and if you’re not the boogying type well don’t worry there is a cinema with your name on it.

The full-sized Cinema has a stage with soft theater lighting purple carpets and gold and purple accents on the walls and ceiling. There are also soundproofing Materials Incorporated in the design to ensure you have a true movie-watching experience.

Since there are 17 theater seats throughout the movie room. So you can invite a few friends over as well. Next to the dining room is the Speakeasy game room. Which carries in the art deco? Feel from the Nightclub at there are red. Textured ceilings were development booths and vintage chandeliers. That makes it feel as though you’ve stepped through time.

There’s a billiards table for a nice game television. Sports games are betting poker tables and drinking booths. In other words, it looks like the kind of place where mop deals go down and a lot of fun can be had there. Perhaps the most exciting feature of the room is the eighth cast stagger lit with colorful LED lights. Stagger is a feature that truly reminds you of how wealthy this owner actually is.

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The stacker can be accessed when you first enter the courtyard gate it rises out of the ground allowing you to park your car. And possibly the world’s coolest garage. A pretty fantastic centerpiece for your game room and display for expensive cars if you ask me across the courtyard Through a passage in the basement you’ll find it at the townhouse.

And though the townhouse isn’t quite as flashy as the main house it is certainly nothing to turn your nose up at. The townhouse has a reception hall with chandeliers to welcome guests and a reception room with cozy formal seating upstairs.

There are several bedrooms on each floor each with its own ensuite bathroom. So there you have it. The most expensive home in the UK. What do you guys think? Would you pay a quarter of a billion?

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