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The World Most Expensive Airbnb

The World Most Expensive Airbnb This is a concert to her and mysterious and exotic Villa sequestered in the luxurious Punta Mita Resort off the coast of Nayarit Mexico and a mind-blowing 18,000 dollars a night. It is the most expensive Ambien be listing in the entire world. And just to put this in perspective the presidential suite at the Bel-Air Hotel in Los Angeles costs about fifteen thousand dollars a night.

That’s Three thousand dollars less than the price of a night in Qatar to the app. But there’s more the owner of this Mexican Villa has a strict three-night minimum rule to let you stay at the resort. Meaning you will have to spend at least fifty-seven thousand dollars just to get a booking. What’s even more impressive is that the Villa is fully booked through the next couple of months in September and October with the onliest booking available in November.

Whats the most expensive airbnb

Yes, that’s right. Phil Rich. Are spending big on Casa Tua but what makes it so handsomely expensive? Why do A-list celebrities like Vince Vaughn Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom choose to vacation and spend their hard-earned Millions here Well, it’s all got to do with two things the Entourage and the scenery you see at the concert or can host up to 27 people per night.

So whether you’re a business Mogul looking for a luxurious getaway with your Lee or a Hollywood Big Shot hosting a secret rendezvous for your entourage.

The concert tour is one of the most exotic Shangri-La destinations on Earth located in the exclusive Punta Mita community in Los Ranchos. It’s where the creme de La Creme of society escapes the hassle of City Life greeted by breathtaking sandy beaches and tantalizing sunsets. The Villa consists of five separate smaller Villages.

Surrounded by Lush vegetation An end is an enviable beachfront in total. There are 12 ensuite bedrooms designed to provide an ultra-luxurious experience to all of the guests. You plan to travel with the main inspiration of the Villas centers on sweet Earth Tones.

Warm wood accents and creamy white walls that are finished off by a he-fetched roof but don’t get it twisted. Each of the Suites feels very unique. Every bedroom on the concert tour includes a large one. The spacious closet is where you can have your clothes folded by the staff for the duration of your stay.

There’s a lovely high-end HD television for you to watch your favorite shows complemented by super-fast Wi-Fi in the air. Conditioner is also available to cool things down in case the Mexican summer heat gets the better of you.

The rooms are also fitted with digitally controlled blackout curtains that can dim things down when the sun begins its spellbinding ass and the beds come as either king-size or Double depending on the Villa you’re staying at the unit each of them is draped in. Only the finest cotton sheets ensure you sleep soundly.

That is if there will be any sleeping at all. And while we’re on the subject of sleep and early mornings what better way to awaken than with the golden hue of a sunrise creeping into your window as it illuminates the Lush Greenery surrounding the villa and this sound of calm ocean harm and the distance and you might be familiar. Winter heaven Speaking of heaven the guests here are treated like gods.

Take for example the room service. Where there is eight housekeeping staff that attend to the cleanliness and neatness of the rooms twice a day. If you’re feeling famished there are eight bullets in your backend call that provide 12-hour service to all your requests.

And for those who prefer more communal settings for their meals, you can rendezvous at the all-fresco dining lounge with ample space for 20 or you can order Mediterranean oriental and African delights Cooked by two five-star chefs and five complementary cooks can taste it already and for the guests who worry about their laundry? Just relax.

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There’s an overnight laundry service that makes sure your clothes are cleaned by morning. The villa even has a babysitting service that’ll take care of the little ones as you head to the beach to enjoy a few Margaritas under the sun but at an extra fee. Of course, if you love adventure then the Xhosa tour is an endless maze of fun-filled activities fancy a drink or two.

We’re better to be gained in the full-service bar where you can settle for the finest wines and elixirs from around the world. And if the night is still young you can head over to the game room to partake in a few party games you’ll find whichever party games suit your heart’s desire whether you’re drawn to the precision of snooker or whether it’s a high-tempo game of ping pong.

There’s also a 24-hour gym in the villa for the guests who love to maintain their adonis and venous physiques after all. If you heading down to the beach for a turn wouldn’t you love to flaunt a body? That’s just fit for the gods. Speaking of turns features and outdoor activities. The beach at Corsa tour is at your mercy. You can immerse yourself in all manner of engaging pursuits.

Photograph them and light up your social media page. Like never before simply start by taking a dive into the infinity pool then melts seamlessly into the ocean yonder for you to be gaining your adventure from beach ball to surfing to hosting carefree barbecues with your mates. The only thing that’ll hold you back at cause beach will be well you’re imagining.

If the beach isn’t enough and perhaps you yearn for a little more excitement outside the villa then closer to her is strategically located in one of Mexico’s. Most impressive holiday destinations a slight detour from the resort and you’ll get media to access to the computer and put a meter residence beach clubs and maybe even lady locks chance to meet a beautiful stranger or perhaps you’re just a counter countess of the night who loves to be dazzled by the blinding disco lights. Well, there are a couple of high-end clubs around the area for you to check in and party until the break of dawn.

Who knows you might even find the time to socialize with other reclusive millionaires who could be the key to a lucrative partnership down the line and what better way to do it? So then following up through a wholesome game of golf the next morning at the bar here and Pacifico golf course oh yes concert tour.

Gives you everything you’ve ever dreamed of and once your feet touch the vibrant sandy beaches of this villa well you’ll never want to go back to the cold and lifeless concrete of city life simply put corset tour is heaven on earth especially if you’ve been looking along the shores of Mexico for your next summer.

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