University of Windsor Master of Management

University of Windsor Master of Management the  because that’s what I’m comfortable with it’s a public comprehensive and research University located in Windsor which is located in Ontario. I remember I told you guys in the last video that the entire area has a lot of good universities And it’s located in Canada kind of the southern University It has approximately 10,000 full-time.

Students and part-time students which are for the undergraduates and over 3,000 graduates. Students were founded in 1857 and the University of Windsor has graduated more than 100,000 alumni. Let me give you some more information about the school. The school is ranked in Canada. Between number 22 to number 25 as of 2023.

University of windsor ranking computer science

According to the Times National its ranks between over 24 to number 26 and according to McLean’s comprehensive it’s ranked number 14. So the school is not Slyke at the bottom but it’s not at the top either. Now let’s quickly talk about the weather so you have a good idea. I’ve already talked about the weather in Ontario a lot of times. So this is pretty much going to be a repetition.

The summers are warm But it went to freezing dry and windy and it’s partly cloudy. Year-round This is because it’s Ontario and Ontario gets cold in the winter and pretty warm in the summer. Pretty much what it is But tires are filled with so many people. It’s not one of those places where I would be like a.

You might be dying in this winter. No, it’s not that bad. But it can get pretty cold. Just get yourself covered up and prepared. Now let’s move on to the admissions rate You see in this school.

Students and graduate

That is Situated between 60% to 70% and it’s that way mostly due to the ranking of the University. So it’s not as popular among students. So their admissions rate is not as high either. Now let’s talk about the fees of this University. What’s going to happen is I’m going to put the fees on the screen that you’re looking at and that way you can understand the difference between the fees for international students and graduate students.

Now I would like to let you guys know that it’s not. Easy for me to kind of give you a direct amount or even a range for your purse Pacific courses or your specific programs at the University of Windsor. So what I did was attached the feet estimator in the link below in the description below. That means that when you click on that link you can kind of put your degree put what you’re looking for put the courses you’re trying to take and it would show you the approximate amount of money. You would be spending per term usually schools that have fee estimators.

Do Because they know that their tuition is not standard or it’s not necessarily something that can be put in. So let’s move on to things. You need to know about this school all right? The city of Windsor is big enough to provide plenty of art music delicious food natural beauty. But it’s also small and quite safe. So it makes you feel like you’re in a village and a town sometimes.

Do you know what I’m saying? Now Downtown Winter is divided into distinct neighborhoods okay? And each of those neighborhoods gives You a different flavor of life. So there are places that have just beautiful views other places you know a Skylin etc Etc So there are other places like at the southern end of the downtown of Windsor you have the hottest bars the live music. The DJs the music shows events Etc Now let’s move on to other things about this.

University the residents enjoy

University the residents enjoy. Some of Canada’s best weather especially in the summer. And in the winter. Not something that you would be dying in Because it’s so close to Detroit. You can see the Detroit skyline sometimes. Also, students can easily take advantage because downtown is close to the school and you can go to restaurants and Cinema cafes and a lot of shops that are available to you.

The University’s Administration is something a lot of students complain about. And I know there are these people that love this University. I also know that there are people that don’t really like this University. So students said that they Would not sign up for residence because it costs way too much and you’re forced to provide yourself a meal plan which means you’re paying extra money.

And when you could just stay off campus in a place close to the school and pay less money and other students feel like they are being treated poorly by the university because of the poor Administration. Now, these are just opinions, not necessarily facts but usually, in things like this, there is an ounce of Truth.

University of Windsor Master of Management
University of Windsor Master of Management

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University of Windsor Campus life

Now campus life, it’s not bad. You know a lot of people go to bars a lot of people go partying. So in terms of social life, you will enjoy it. Especially if you are an extrovert somebody who likes to go out and have fun. A lot of people enjoy the friendly atmosphere that the school provides and people are helpful to each other. People are greeting each other and a lot of students work hard so they help each other out as well.

The major downside to the city is that it could be boring if you come from a place. Like Toronto or New York because the school is located in Windsor and Windsor is not that big of a city even though it has things happening in the city.

It doesn’t have a lot going on compared to other bigger cities and also important to note that a lot of people are very uncomfortable with the tuition hike that’s going on in the school. So it’s really up to you. What you want to do I advise in this situation is that you evaluate your options wisely if you get accepted by the University of Windsor Then look at the other universities.

You apply it to look at the temperature. Look at the weather look at the school fees. Look at the program you’re looking for. And most importantly ask yourself can I afford to live in the city comfortably? So once again ladies and gentlemen don’t forget to weigh your options wisely and look at the degree you’re looking for.

If you’re outside the country then you should feel free to come into the country If you do not like the school you went to Then you could always transfer to a better University. If you love the school you’re going to then her your one more than welcome to stay and graduate.

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